eldur Soundcheck with Ezi Pickups

eldur Soundcheck with Ezi Pickups

Time to listen to the amazing Ezi-Pickups in “eldur” !
One staggered Humbucker for the neck, one parallel Humbucker for the bridge.
Served with some nice pictures of “eldur”
Have fun and tell me how do you like the sound of “eldur” !


  1. What a wonderful match this made of your guitar with our pickups. Beautiful look and beautiful sound!!! We love seeing the finishing you put on the two maple pickups so that they fully complement your vision for the Eldur guitar. Excellent results!!

    • Thank you Jonathan, for your excellent Service and for the brilliant PUs.
      I am very happy, beautiful sound, awesome look. I’m looking forward for more projects with Ezi Pickups !

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