icebear red 25″

Icebear red 25″

Icebear red 25″ was built in parallel with the icebear blue, with a reversed body.
The stainless covers and knobs are laser cut and engraved to perfectly match the stainless frets.
The stainless frets were hard to work with at first but the comfort while playing and bending the icebear is worth it.
The sound is also different to her sister the blue.
The Icebear Red is loaded with Seymour Duncan “Nazgul” and “Sentient”. Ready to rock !

Icebear Red 25" Full

  • 25″ Scale
  • 24 stainless frets
  • ergonomic Design
  • 3prt Mahogany Neckthrough
  • Purpleheart Fretboard, 12″
  • Schaller daVinci Tuner
  • Schaller 3D-Bridge
  • 3-way-Toggle-Switch
  • stainless laserengraved covers/ controls
  • Seymour Duncan Sentient and Nazgul PU-Set

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