JPTR doubleneck

JPTR Doubleneck

25″ guitar vs 35″ bass
JPTR was build to comfort the efforts from Chris Jupiter from JPTR FX.
We choosed the right wood, to combine the huge body and the weight.
Pickups were custom wound by Rübezahl Tonabnehmer.
Simplicity and beautiful natural wood..
There is a load of sustain and tone in this bolide body.
Connected to JPTR-FX pedals, the world now is ready for JPTR Doubleneck…

Weight: just 6kg

  • 25″ guitar scale, 22 frets
  • 35″ bass long scale, 22 frets
  • Khaya Mahoganie Body
  • Walnut Top
  • flamed Maple necks
  • Walnut Fretboard, compound
  • Schaller Locking M6 guitar tuner
  • Schaller Locking M6 guitar tuner
  • Schaller 3D6 Rollerbridge
  • Schaller 3D4 Rollerbridge
  • Nuts made of 200 years old ebony piano key
  • 3-way-Toggle-Switch guitar/both/bass
  • Volume guitar, Volume bass, second output for bass
  • Rübezahl custom Pickup-Set, both neck position
  • simple, slim design, finished with stains and Odie´s Oil


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