nebula maple multiscale 27″-24,5″

nebula maple multiscale 27″-24,5″

The “nebula maple” is another ergonomic multi-scale guitar. After building “The Fox” there had to be more.
The fanned frets allow for a natural, relaxed wrist position. After playing it the first time, I was very surprised on how quickly I adapted to this beautiful fretboard.
The Humbucker are built exclusively to the fanned fret design.
A balance-poti give you opportunity to discover a lot of unusual sounds.

nebula total front

  • multiscale 27″-24,5″
  • 24 frets
  • ergonomic handshaped Design
  • flamed Maple Neck
  • flamed Alder Body
  • flamed Maple top/headstock
  • rosewood Fretboard, 12″ (CITES registriert)
  • Schaller Locking Tuner
  • ABM 3210 Single-Bridge
  • Balance-Poti for the Pickups
  • Custom Humbucker Set „Tyrfing“ by „Rübezahl Tonabnehmer“
  • Volume, Tone
  • Odie´s Oil Finish

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