Welcome to Decision Guitars. I am Jens Barkholz. Owner and Master Luthier here at Decision. As a guitarist I have grown up with wide range of musical influences from Mike Oldfield, Saga, Pink Floyd to Dire Straits and many more.

I come from a time where my friends and I would spend many nights listening to music together. We would get angry about radio announcers who always seemed to talk in the last seconds of the song.

I remember sitting down to watch Live-Aid-Weekend in front of the TV. I remember seeing David Gilmour playing in front of a 100.000 people, he seemed to be so small. One man, one guitar and a little bit of help from the amps and such would bring visitors to a delighted astonishment.

This ignited my fascination with guitars and ultimately it intensified the wish to master this instrument.

Jens Barkholz decision guitars
After becoming a precision mechanic I gained experience through a lot of jobs based in Toolmaking, CAD-CAM, Construction and Design, Development, Management. All of these skills I acquired enabled me to begin building guitars. I learned so much about creativity, consequent implementation and concentration.

What I enjoy most is that building guitars combines a lot of hobbys I have enjoyed such as sketching, airbrush, woodworking, and of course playing guitar.


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