Why not build your own guitars ?

In these times of crazy, hectic lives and high stress levels, the return to traditional craftmanship is relaxing to mind and soul. It begins with you and I setting up the layout and construction of your custom design / build. After we build the design you are looking for you can sit back and relax while I concentrate working on every minute detail. All the way to carving an intricate inlay to the final assembly. All these different steps require different sets of skills. An endless learning experience for each build.

I think every guitar lover has his / her own dream guitar in mind. But often times we think that they might look different in the final result.
This is where luthiers are a step above industiral builders. We offer freedom in decision, freedom of design, freedom to design your ideas.
Custom is not just a guitar with different knobs or colors to choose from. Custom is what YOU decide !



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